is not recovering

1 week ago, there was an internet outage for about 24 hours, after 1 week, all satellite started recovering, except for Do I have to wait for more days?

Yes, just wait. The online percentage is a rolling 30 day window, so it can take up to 30 days for the outage/downtime to no longer be reflected in the figures.

Edit - make sure the percentages don’t continue to drop, otherwise you may have a problem which needs fixing!


Some numbers continue to drop. I don’t have a static IP, everyday (every 24 hours) my internet provider reset and my node goes offline for 2-3 min.
My uptime is usually between 98-99% every month but because of the 24 hours internet outage I got 2 weeks ago, my uptime is staying around 95%, except for which is still going down!

You could look into setting up a dynamic dns service, like No-IP. It’s pretty simple and it would only require an action from you every 21-30 days (to click renew for the free version) instead of every day…

it’s explained here: Port Forwarding - Node Operator

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I’m using No-IP but when my internet provider is doing the reset, my internet connection goes offline for 2-3 mins.

It’s a 30 day sliding window as far as I can tell. When I do maintenance, it can take a month for my figures to go back up (can also take a day or so for them to go down after my outage). Unless you’re getting really low I wouldn’t worry.

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