seems to be having trouble

I have a storage node working. All of the measures are 100%, except “” which is slowly decreasing (now down to 91%). Do I have a configuration issue or something? How can I debug?

Thank you!

Which of the scores are you seeing decreasing? If audit or suspension, you should check your log for errors, specifically with GET_AUDIT and GET_REPAIR. If online score, then there might be a connection issue.

It is the online score but I am confused because if it was a connection issue wouldn’t they all have an issue?

The measurement for the online score requires audits and repair to hit your node. It is possible to be offline and just be lucky to not get any audits or repairs for that time. The other way around you can also miss just a single audit and that will count for an entire 12 hours window.

You can debug it with the help of the storage node dashboard API. /api/sno/satellite/12EayRS2V1kEsWESU9QMRseFhdxYxKicsiFmxrsLZHeLUtdps3S would show you how many audits you missed in the last 30 days in each 12 hours window. Just replace the satellite ID and you can check it for each satellite one by one. I dropped us1 here.


This has been happening over the course of months so I think the “lucky” part is a little sus.

Here is the output

That was now US1. You can see about 10-20 audits every 12 hours. With that number of audits the measurement gets reasonable accurate.

Now do the same for us2. My shortcut to find the satellite ID is the trusted satellite list:

Thank you updated the gist I can see one failing now but is there a way to figure out why it failed?

Checking logs of your firewall and router. When the satellite cannot contact your node (your node did not answer on audit requests), the onlineCount will not be increased.

Now that you see the data do you still belive it is sus or do you now see the difference between us2 and the other satellites? In total you failed just 2 audits. That could still be just bad luck.