% online is decreasing while the others remain at 100%

I got a warning today thanks to the script.
it seems that the online % for is decreasing from 100% to 96% on less than 24hours, I noticed an interruption at my ISP side of 1 minute, but the other nodes remain at 100% online.

Anyone else seeing something similar?

or what am I missing?

The online score is dropped when the satellite is to come to audit your node, but it’s not responding.
As soon as your node starts to respond on audits, your online score would start to increase, but not so fast, as dropped.
You can read more there:

Ok, so I just had the luck (or bad luck) that only the us2 satellite tried to audit during the isp interruption

I think all satellites noticed it, however the node has had a low amount of audits in total, thus it’s more sensitive to downtime. has dropped to 99.49% without me having any downtime so may be issue effecting multiple nodes also had 0 data in out out since the drop to 99.49%

Here too no downtime only:


100 %


100 %


99.83 %

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