Today I am noticing droping Audit too, I am at 73% on 2 sattelites

today I am noticing droping Audit too, I am at 73% on 2 sattelites.
what is the command to check logs?

How are you running the node?

thx. running on Win with docker

If you have dropped audits, not online score than this is a different story - your node lost pieces or access to them.
You need to check your logs for GET_AUDIT and failed in the same line.
For the PowerShell:

sls GET_AUDIT "c:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" | sls failed

I cant find the path in powershell with that command. Something happened to node, I made a restart of PC and looks fine now.

Oh, you run a docker, then the command is different:

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | sls "GET_AUDIT" | sls "failed"

Is your Audit score recovering?

yup. it is back to 99%+

Wait… What?
Audit score back from 70-ish% to 99+% in a couple of hours?!

It takes days on my nodes to recover from such a low audit score, which by the way is very close to disqualification ^^’

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idk, dude. us central was at 76%, saltlake at 73% i think. It wasnt few hours, maybe after 12h went out of yellow color.

Oh. Seems like you’re DQed on asia-east :confused:

yup. exactly 1 year ago got dqed on asia.