Usability improvement for UI


i would like to make a Suggestion

in the UI Storage Node Stats, we can choose the satelite.

Everytime we choose one, the side reloads which takes a bunch of time and is annoying.


  1. All Data is Live data, we should not Need a reload

  2. Instead of a dropdown, we should just have TABs, which makes it so much easier, to select and have a better overview

  3. The Data should Always be available in total, so we dont Need to reload the whole page, which takes annoyinglich much time.

  4. As far as i see, all the Information and Diagrams etc. are just the same, just Display the same, only mapped to different Data.

  5. You can do the same for payout Payout Information

The Drop Down and reload is unnecessary and annoying
We dont Need to reload if the data is Always there and we can click and load all the data so much faster


Thank you @koopa

I will forward this to the team

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