Usage graphs are not displayed


I have a problem with the graph/stats of the node. It works when I start the node but, the next times I load the dashboard, is empty as this example:

I tried the guide to check database an all are ok. What else could it be?

I found this error but as I see in the forums, it could be normal:

2023-11-20T12:33:02Z ERROR piecestore failed to add bandwidth usage {“process”: “storagenode”, “error”: “bandwidthdb: database is locked”, “errorVerbose”: “bandwidthdb: database is locked\n\*bandwidthDB).Add:60\n\*Endpoint).beginSaveOrder.func1:913\n\*Endpoint).Upload:542\n\\n\*Mux).HandleRPC:33\n\*Handler).HandleRPC:61\n\*Handler).HandleRPC:42\n\*Server).handleRPC:124\n\*Server).ServeOne:66\n\*Server).Serve.func2:114\n\*Tracker).track:35”}

Thank you.

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I’m using NTFS and it is an external, I also think it’s a SMR. Could work if I move to ext4?

type number?

maybe recreating the databases helps,
also moving dbs to …

please tel about your setup/pc/hardware

and propably the ext4 is the better choice. if you are running on linux.

Disk is at 100% all the time, so surely the problem is that.

Model: Seagate Basic (scsi)
Disk /dev/sdc: 4001GB

could be a filewalk, maybe its not finishing. pretty normal for hours for a node.

How old is that thing realy scsi? but 4TB ?

please list the complete system specs as far you know.

I moved the databases to a SSD disk and since that, it’s working. Storj disk is at 100% use all the time anyway.

Of course, because you use NTFS under Linux. It works in several times slower than ext4.
I would recommend to stop and remove the container, safely unmount the drive, detach it and attach to Windows PC, then check and fix errors, perhaps defragment it, then safely eject it, detach and attach back to Linux, mount it and run your container back.
I would recommend to migrate it to ext4 to do not repeat this procedure and forget about slowness.

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I will do it in the future, for the moment, what I have are NTFS drives with some backups.