Usage limit 0, cannot upload files

I cannot upload any files. My usage says 0/0 for network and storage:

I have added $20 to my account using STORJ tokens. It used to say 0/25GB, what happened?

The uplink CLI says “Exceeded Usage Limit”

It could be cause they updated the satellites mine also says 0.

As described in the last paragraph from the latest Changelog v0.33.4 **Known Issue with the 1 TB Coupon** In order to get the 1 TB coupon, you need to add a credit card or pay $50 in STORJ token (excluding discount). To trigger the coupon you also need to create a project. The coupon is not getting added if you pay $50 STORJ token in 2 transactions. At the moment it has to be a single transaction with $50 or more. Please contact support if you are affected by this issue.

So in order to increase your limit to 1 TB now, you would have to add a least another $50 in STORJ or add a credit card to your account. With this latest release which is already installed on the satellites, your limit was reset to zero because the balance of your STORJ deposit was insufficient. You will not actually be charged anything while the 1 TB coupon is active (if triggered today, until the end of March) unless you exceed this 1 TB - month limit.

I thought the $50 minimum was for the free coupon, but apparently I need to have $50 credit to be able to store anything at all?


that is correct. If you add $50 in STORJ before production release, you will get the 1 TB limit and will be able to keep it even after release, while other accounts will only start out with a 5 GB limit once a payment method is added. An email was sent last week to existing Tardigrade accounts which had not yet added a payment method announcing this.

I have a zero limit now as well. I have already purchased some account tardigrade credit with storj tokens back in January and February, but less than $50 worth. Is there any way I can get my zero limit raised to 5GB or something in between 5GB and 1000GB without adding $50 of additional credit? If I just add any amount of additional credit with storj tokens, will that bump me up to the 5GB limit?

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Quote from the email from Feb 6 that alerted about the reset to zero limits: You must add a credit card or $50 in STORJ token to your account in order to receive the free credit. All credits will expire at the end of your first billing cycle after production launch. If a method of payment isn't added in the next few days, your limits will be decreased to 0GB per month and any data you upload may be deleted soon.

We sent another reminder on Feb 11:

This is your last notification to add a payment method. Please add a credit card or $50 in STORJ token (deposited in a single transaction) by February 12, 2020, or your data limits will be decreased to 0TB per month and your data may be deleted.

All credits expire at the end of your first full billing cycle after production launch and you must add a project to your account for your 1TB coupon to be added.

At the moment we do not have any way to increase your initial zero limit without adding at least $50 in STORJ in a single transaction or adding a credit card. You will then get the 1 TB limit coupon applied to the account and none of the $55 you would get credited to account balance would be used until at least 1 billing cycle after production release. Unless your usage exceeds 1 TB in a month.

I do not need the extra free credit, just the amount of storage I paid for.

The second quote is clear, but I never got that email or notification. I only read on the forums about a $50 minimum for the free coupon. (But I do get a lot of other Tardigrade emails telling me to create a bucket or other marketing material, sometimes 5 per day)

I guess the only option would be to pay another $30 before the end of the month, or the existing $20 will disappear as well? Even worse, “All credits expire at the end of the first full billing cycle after production launch”, does that mean that the $50 in my account will be removed? That does not make any sense to me

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That statement about the credits only applies to the coupons for the free storage, of course we will not take away any of your account balance other than applying it toward paying for any usage above the free limit.

You can automatically trigger a limit increase by depositing another $50 in STORJ, or alternately, add only $30 and once this deposit shows in your tardigrade account, open a support ticket to request a manual storage and egress limit increase . The second option will take significantly longer because monday is an official holiday in the US and Storj Labs will not be able to start working on your request until next tuesday.