Usb stick or sdcard for the databases

Would it be good to use an sd card or usbstick to hold the databases and logs.

Goal is to reduce fragmentation and free some speed for the data drive.
Also to let the system drive working alone.

Ofc it had to be reformated to ntfs or an suitable file system at first. Also izs an point of failure but does not contain critical data. So i think its worth it. If the hardware is alredy around.

I have an spare 64/128 gb stick.
Tool to test it after formating? Crystal disk mark or something?

No. These devices don’t have good wear leveling and will die very quickly under db type write pattern.

Instead try to disable sync writes, and if that is not enough - use an actual SSD. Or ramdisk.


If you have a USB flash drive designed to be durable, go for it. These range from dedicated portable SSDs to heavy-duty SLC drives. Otherwise don’t bother, they’ll likely fail in no time. I’ve seen reports where cheap consumer-grade flash drives failed after 15-30 full drive writes.

And even if you really want to try, NTFS is one of the worst file systems for this kind of use. You should probably instead think of a file system that is dedicated to flash storage, like f2fs.