Use my own identity in storj-up

I want to use my own created identity in the Docker container created by storj-up, how can I do that? Do I need to authorize each certificate? How can I know the ID of the identity I created?

Likely not. You may just generate an identity, add your satellite in the trusted list and run your node.
But you need to create an identity anyway. By default the storj-up accept identity with a difficulty 8.

Thanks,I replaced the original identity with my own, and now the environment is up and running.
I have a question,
Is there any compatibility requirement between the Satellite, Gateway, and Storagenode? In my current environment, I have Satellite v1.76.2, Gateway-mt v1.39, and Storagenode v1.65, and it seems to be working fine in testing.

storagenode is better to have aligned with the satellite’s version, the same is true for Edge services.

@Alexey ,thanks

Another question, can I run multiple core processes? I see that core processes are mainly some timed tasks for processing exceptions and statistics. Can I run multiple core processes on a satellite node? If I want to deploy a production system and avoid single node failures, do you have any good suggestions?

You can scale it I believe, but I have no recommendations and additional documentation, sorry.

Hi @hsn
Only 1 core process can be run at a time. It is not required for high availability, but I would not suggest leaving it down for very long.
It handles accounting, notifications, and object expirations, to name a few. And if ranged loop is not enabled, core may run repair, audit, node tally, and graceful exit processes.
Some of these alternative configurations (ex. running a separate ranged loop and/or auditor process) are not required with a “small” satellite. But they can be split out as needed.

Short answer: Definitely only run 1 core process