Use Raspberry version 1

Hi team,

i have a very old Raspberry (Model B+ V1.2) and a WD 2 TB external USB 3 HDD.
Can i use this setup or is it far too old? :slight_smile:


How much RAM does it have?

From what I could find quickly on the Web, it has 512MB of Ram only and a single core weak processor.

With a headless raspbian, you might be able to run one node on it, but it’s going to require a bit of fine-tuning so it does not handle much requests in parallel (nodes have a parameter to be configured for that).

It does not have usb3, but usb2 is enough, the problem might be with the sharing of resources within the Pi board itself.
Your disk should have its own power source to be sure it is stable, too.

I say, it feels like it’s going to be far from ideal, but… it’s worth a try. Worse case scenario, it does not work and the node gets disqualified ^^ And you’ll be back to where you are now :wink:

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Great, so i will give it a try, thanks! :slight_smile:

You can save yourself A LOT a headaches by simply getting a cheap Raspi 3B.

These RPi 1 models are extremely slow SoC-wise, also they share USB port bandwidth with their LAN controller.


If @skibboo were to buy something new, then they might as well directly buy a RPi4B (2GB RAM minimum would be my reco, 4GB is better) which works very well for Storj.

But yeah, having a more recent RPi would save a lot of headaches, I agree :slight_smile:

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Actually I had a used unit in mind when I wrote that :smiley:

Ah okay :wink:

But maybe they can get a used RPi4B all the same then ^^

Well, the thing is, i am using a docker node on my Synology for about one month now.
Online all the time and actual image, but i have an estimated earn for 6 cent this month. :smiley:

So i do it for fun and i dont think it makes sense to buy anything.
The Pi and the HDD is what i have now, and i have a second place where i could place it, so i will give it a try.

The HDD was used for a second test container on the syno, which was offline for weeks now.
I used it as is on the PI now, any it seems to work.
It’s getting some MB, but online time is between 0 and 9% :smiley:


For those that are interested in the status, here are two screenshots.
What do you think, kill and create a new ident oder just look what happens?


What caused scores to drop so bad?
You’re lucky though, disqualification based on online scores isn’t active yet (unless you’re offline for 30 days in a row).

Leave it online, scores should recover within 30 days.

Keep an eye on it :slight_smile:


Well, the external hdd was from my Storj test container on the Synology.
Today as i just wanted to test on Raspi, i didn want to create a new identity, so i used that one which was offline some weeks.

Its very small, about 6 GB of data :slight_smile:

I see!
Less than 30 days presumably? Otherwise the dashboard would show your node got disqualified. I’m just wondering why some online scores went down to zero… My understanding is that it would have happened by being offline for 30 days so I’m a bit confused. Unless this node was very young (less than 30 days old) in which case online scores drop quicker.

Oh well… as long as it’s not disqualified, I would leave it online and see how it goes ^^

Report back hopefuly with good news in a couple of weeks :wink:

You can read more about online score there:

Sounds like a start over situation to me. You won’t receive any data until the uptime scores are above 60% which at this point should take a while. So might as well start clean and receive new data right away.

For now ive got about 1GB new data for today.

Online time is coming back, even if its very slow.
But one satelite seems to not try my host out.
Is there a possibility to ping it or so?



It should take at least 30 days to recover. If your node would be offline again, it will need to be online for the next 30 days after that to recover.