Use Storj with Duplicati for periodic data backups, have issues

I’m a newbee here: Would like to use Storj with Duplicati for periodic data backups.
Thank you for the instructions: Backup With Duplicati | Storj Docs
(a) Suggested minor amendments to the discription.
(b) Duplicati fails to create backups, consistently index files missing and upload upload fatally broken.
The points
(a) #2 Destination: When selecting the Storj sattelite, input of the full Satellite Address (from Storj website is needed), works unreliably with option; work-around: Access Grant works reliably
(b) We’re on a somewhat shaky internet connection. Uploads break off after some time and can not be resumed. Error messages include, “Database missing - repair”, “run purge command” (???); “No filelists found on the remote destination” (there ARE 14!) etc. – Only way out is to delete everything and restart a new, which invariably crashes in the same manner.
Any assistance would be highly appreciated!

Hello @PittP ,
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Since the internet connection is not reliable, perhaps would be better to configure Duplicati via Gateway MT.

  1. Generate GatewayMT creds
  2. In Duplicati create a new backup job
  3. The connection type would be S3 compatible
  4. Select Use SSL checkbox
  5. Server should be Custom server url ()
  6. Place gateway endpoint without https:// to the Custom S3 endpoint field
  7. Specify a bucket in the Bucket field
  8. Bucket create region, Storage class leave by default
  9. Place your GatewayMT Access Key in the AWS Access ID field
  10. Place your GatewayMT Secret Key in the AWS Access Key field
  11. Check connection with Test Connection

Regarding databases - it’s a weak point of Duplicati. If it were lost or corrupted, the backup become almost useless (depending on what database is missed/corrupted during upload).
You could try to recover a database:

Then use one of three buttons

Sometimes it could repair a database, but it also could be recreated as a last resort.
More about Duplicati databases is better to read on their forum:


Thank you very much for this comprehensive reply, @Alexey!
I will report back with the outcomes - may however take a day or two…
Best regards, Pitt

Thank you again, @Alexey ! Followed your description in every detail - and both duplicati and storj work very well. To test the hard way while uploading filess, I interupted the internet connection, and forced shut down the computer: After both “crash scenarios” uploads would resume seamlessly. None of the potentially affected files had issues when retieving.
Thank you to all developers for such a robust system! Hope it remains that way.
Best regards, Pitt