Use Tardigrade as a filesystem in Linux

Hi, we are currently experimenting with using Tardigrade as a shared read/write storage between several servers. This is our ideal use case:

Server A, Server B share access to bucket called ‘pdf-storage’.
Clients can upload data to Server A or B via a web app written in PHP.
Uploaded files are stored by PHP to ‘pdf-storage’.
Files are immediately accessible to both Servers for reading.

How to achieve this kind of functionality ? We are not using S3. I dont see any option to use Tardigrade in a NFS kinf of way. There is no FUSE plugin. The only thing that seems doable is to use rclone or some uplink bash script on every file upload, which is obviously kinda cumbersome.

Are there plans to make Tardigrade usable in this way ? Is someone working on some PHP bindings ? How would you solve our situation using Tardigrade ? Thanks a lot for any ideas !


Hello @gnd and welcome to the forum!

As you guessed it right, the best possible solution for your task would be rclone mount .
We have a community member working on a php library, which progress you can find here: or more specific in this pull request:

Let us know, if there is anything else we can do to help you get this working!