Used space is negative even after moving to larger disk

my node is showing negative space even after I have move the data folder to a larger drive

From what I’ve noticed, taking care of my node you have to wait a while before you see the correct amount of free space on the dashboard.

@stuu well just how long did you have to wait Capture 2700 my concern is that it 23 hours to move 3.15 TB from one drive to the other, i have checked audit score and is still at 1. and my uptime went from 99.8 % to 97.3 %,here is more info anyone

How much storage do you think you have allocated? The log says 1TB, which would explain the -2.44TB remaining. Show us your docker command.

I have allocated 5.0 TB an increase of 1.5 TB from the previous drive of 3.5 tb

You might think you have. Again, show us the docker command if you want help. The log clearly says 1000000000000 bytes allocated.
Also, did you remove the container before making the changes?

this issue is on a windows ui not docker but I am sure that this is a new 6tb drive to which I transferred all the data from a full drive 4tb at the cost of 23+ hours the cmd cd -f doesn’t work on windows so I can get Tib info

You need to tell the windows-gui to use more space than before. I can’t help you with this as I don’t use Windows. But how you do it during the installation is described here.

For the future, it helps when you include as much info as possible (like using the windows-gui) in the first post. It prevents us from guessing where the problem might lie.

before restarting the node i changed the config from 3.5 to 5.0

Please show the result of this command:

sls "storage.allocated-disk-space:" 'C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml'

@Alexey here are the result C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml:164:storage.allocated-disk-space: 5.0 TB

You shouldn’t take your node offline to move the data. You should use something like rsync to copy from the live node’s data to the new disk, maybe run rsync one more time, then take your node offline and perform a final rsync to move the final set of data that changed. The downtime using this process can easily be minutes instead of hours.

Your audit score is still 1 because no audits are attempted when your node is offline.

What the size of the trash and blobs folders?


at the time that i started the data move there was 45GB available on the data drive after it read -2.43 TB now its -2.09TB.

@Alexey what should I do about this node it has been up for more than 120 hours and it has not get any uploads should I terminate this node and start another one

I have no idea. You still will be paid for used space.
This is clear that your database is corrupted, but I do not know, how to recover it to the actual state.

By the way, please, give me the last 10 lines from your logs

@sorry2xs We can try to “fix” this database corruption.

  1. Stop the storagenode
  2. Rename the piece_spaced_used.db to piece_spaced_used.db.bak
  3. Run either with a local installed sqlite3 or with a docker version (you can take from
sqlite3 /path/to/piece_spaced_used.db
CREATE TABLE versions (version int, commited_at text);
CREATE TABLE piece_space_used (
                                                total INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
                                                content_size INTEGER NOT NULL,
                                                satellite_id BLOB
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_piece_space_used_satellite_id ON piece_space_used(satellite_id);
  1. Try to start the node
  2. Take a look on dashboard

@Alexey i uninstalled the gui and reinstalled it and it fixed it, i have also failed five audits. thank you