User interviews to improve Storj DCS experience

Hi all,

I am selecting power users to collect feedback about our product experience, and I’d love to talk to some of you that use Storj DCS.

If you’re interested and have 30 minutes to chat (I promise to keep the time!), please schedule a time for us to talk. We offer a $25 gift card plus $30 from Usertesting - so if you don’t already have an account for User Testing, please create an account so that you can be compensated for your time!

First step: create an account at Usertesting (if you don’t have it)
Online Product Testing - Get Paid To User Test | UserTesting

Second step: schedule the best time for our conversation

Thanks for reading this and helping us make things great for you.
Let me know if you have any questions! I really appreciate it.

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I would glad to participate, but it seems, that I come in too late :frowning: .

Hi @Adavan this is weird. It’s not late! :wink: I opened more slots, let me know if you can see them here: UserTesting : The Human Insight Platform

Hello @liviaholanda . Thank you, maybe I made something wrong :wink: .
Screenshot is from first step. I expected, that registration on “usertesting” is mandatory, but it seems, that is possible skip it. I hope …
So, looking forward to our chat :).

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