Using different colours for Usage and Repair Ingress traffic

I think this graph can improve by using two colours for Usage and Repair. Same for Egress, perhaps without the audit traffic.

Humm why not.
Maybe propose this feature with “vote” function to see if other SNO would be interested?

I agree but also know the vote threads get auto closed 3 days after not receiving any reply. While ^ thread will remain open irrespective of X days after last post/reply. In this way even after 10 days someone wants to voice any opinion they can do it. I leave it to the OP to decide :slight_smile:

It’s not auto closing anymore

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why would you care if its repair ingress or usage?
i think it would be okay as a feature people could turn on… but i don’t see the purpose of the information it provides…

repair is newly computed data on an existing erasure coding string… or something like that… which means the pieces you get is basically the same and usage ingress… atleast to my understanding…
thus repair ingress doesn’t lead to repair egress later, and because all ingress is unpaid, it becomes irrelevant if its repair or usage ingress…

so from a SNO’s perspective i cannot see any advantage in tracking it, ofc that may just be my lack of information…

but the information is already there and if people want to see it then they should be able to see it…
alas that would also draw more attention to it and most likely cause more confused new SNO’s in the future, if one can be that confused by ingress, but i’m sure that’s just a failure of imagination on my part.

ofc on egress i would see it as a bit more useful because atleast there, the SNO will have a difference between that repair and usage does, since they pay different…
so i would argue that this would be more relevant to egress and while and if such a change as suggested is made, egress would also be given the feature…

even if i see a very limited use case for it, and thus it may take a long time to be implemented as it’s not really a Quality of Life improvement for anything, a bit like glitter on a stripper, tho that may have more purpose… the glitter

but ill give you a vote, just because the information is already there… it should be a small change to make it visible… and maybe it will be nice for egress

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for ingress I wouldn’t care either. For egress I do care because it is paid differently.

Last month I noticed an increase in repair traffic on my nodes, if you can visually follow the repair/usage ratio during the month it tells you something. What, I honestly don’t know exactly. Last month many nodes quit perhaps?

I don’t expect it to be a life changer, but the information is there so just show it.

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i just worry that it may cause confusion also… so the balance act would have to be between the slight advantage that the info might bring vs how many new people will just be confused by it