Using f1-micro VM from Google Compute Engine to run a 2TB node

Hi, is anyone has tested running a node on a f1-micro VM from Google Compute Engine ?
Because you can create one for free with their Always Free program.
You can put a 2TB hard drive, single core CPU and 614MB ram.
For the bandwith they are excellent :

What do you think ?

Where did you get it? The Google website says there are limits to what you get for free:

2.2 Customer may not use the Services to engage in mining cryptocurrency;

Although running a storagenode technically is not mining a cryptocurrency, Iā€™m sure google would see it as the same.

And you have only 1GB traffic per Month and its only for 12 Month free. So useless at this point.


It is, as the name states, free forever. Not to be confused with the free 12 month trial.

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but both options have limitations that make running a storagenode impossible and not allowed.

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With only 1GB egress in a month you can just barely earn a couple of cents, not worth it

Just going to say having that amount of speed is pretty useless because storagenodes are only able to use 50mbit as of right now. Plus with only 1gig of allowed bandwidth you would download 1gig in less then 1sec with a 5gbit internet connection.