Using Ledger wallet with StorJ Node

I recently changed my wallet address to send to my Metamask to Ledger, and the transaction is not showing up in Ledger, but the total balance is correct. Are Ledger wallets not supported by StorJ? Did I lose my last months payment because of this? Should I change back to Metamask? Thanks for the help.

It’s like reverse. Is your software used with Ledger can work with the STORJ token? It’s a standard ERC20 token, so the used software to show transactions or the balance is responsible to support standards.

If you used a Metamask extension to check your TX, then it could do not load all of them. The correct way to check a balance and transactions is to use blockchain explorers, like or
If you opted-in for zkSync, then you need to use

If you are talking about Ledger itself, then you probably need to configure it