Using more ram to reduce number of writes

I see a lot of small writes and I thought if those writes are for the same file maybe it is possible to use ram in a way that the system will keep the file in ram based on the last time it was in use(high usage files) and all the changes to the file will be in ram until it is not in use for long time and will be written to the drives. and by that reduce the wear and tear of the drives.
using the ram as cache whiteout ram disks.

using storj docker on unraid

Hello eshchar,
Thanks for the feedback!

We already using memory buffer when uploading a file piece, so file piece content is stored into ram and only after piece is uploaded committing buffer contents to the file on disk.



I am not talking about uploading I am talking as a node operator that receive files and then see a lot of IO in the system and that the docker is using very Little ram usage just 128mb.

Your system should take care of it, not storagenode.

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@rikysya was also referring to the storage node. It uses RAM where it can for piece transfers. But in order to ensure database integrity it can’t do that for DB operations. That’s why some node operators move their DB’s to an SSD. If that is an option for you I suggest you look into that.

Is the IO actually causing issues for you? Are you using SMR HDDs?


my drive are not SMR but I see a lot of IOwait_error and wen I have changed the share to use SSD it stop Appearing.

We talked only about to move databases to SSD: How to move DB’s to SSD on Docker

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