Using Rsync with tardigrade?

So, the reason I’m using tardigrade is to move assets currently sitting on a server off to the Storj network.

I have seen the Rclone can be used with tardigrade, but this seems by definition to CLONE content on the source server, keeping the original content there.

Is there a way of using Rsync (as in this example ) so that I can actually remove the original source files after they have been added to the Tardigrade bucket?

You can pass --remove-source-files to rsync to move files instead of copying them.

Isin’t that already the solution to your question?

Use rclone sync to clone, or rclone move to move. You can also directly perform operations on the remote (ls/mkdir/rmdir/rm/cat) or mount the remote.

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ah, thanks - I didn’t realise there was a move option here

Thanks for the answer- yes, doing this is what I wanted, but I haven’t seen an implementation of rsync using Tardigrade. If it IS possible to use rsync with Tardigrade I’d love to see any documentation

Cloud storage support is not rsync’s goal, so that probably won’t happen. Rclone can do basically everything rsync can, but with cloud storage backends instead of local filesystems (and SSH)

At the moment this is experimental: