Using Storj DCS as CDN for OutSystems

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I started my career as an OutSystems developer a few months ago and just this month was looking at CDN as something that would always be useful to learn.

OutSystems has the option to integrate with AWS, Cloudfront for CDN, but I really would like to make it work with Storj DCS, because aside the 150GB, we cut down the extra step of using Cloudfront as Storj is already decentralized and because I personally believe Storj has everything to succeed at the moment.

This was my original post at OutSystems, and in theory the credentials given according the Storj’s documentation, should work using an OutSystem’s forge component, but reality is they don’t.

This is the forge component documentation:

Took some more time to read on before asking the right community this time:

How can I integrate Storj DCS to use as CDN with my OutSystems projects? I.E: Image CDN?

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Hello @Mogna,
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You provided the endpoint in the “Region” option instead of “Endpoint”. Storj DCS doesn’t use regions, so you may specify there anything or leave it empty, but you must provide an Endpoint, otherwise it will try to connect Amazon and will fail.

Provided link doesn’t tell me what configuration options it has, so you need to search for the Endpoint option in your software. Perhaps it has not only Amazon S3, but S3-compatible connector? Because “Amazon S3” sounds like that it can be integrated with Amazon only.

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