V0.14.6 changelog (satellite only!)

This is a satellite only release! SNOs do NOT have to take any action.



  • Rollback uptime disqualification
    The disqualification system up to this release was giving storage nodes an uneven number of uptime checks. The unintentional result was that some nodes were able to stay offline for a long time without getting disqualified while others only were allowed the expected 5-hour window. For the moment we are disabling uptime disqualification until we can better address this issue. We want to make sure the system is fair for everyone. This doesn’t affect the way audit disqualification is implemented.
  • Reduce vetting requirement
    We reduced the requirement for vetted nodes from 500 to 100 audits. New nodes should get vetted much faster.
  • Fix repair queue
    The repair checker adds segments to the repair queue if we fall below the minimum threshold of having 35 pieces available. But by the time the repair job actually gets started, some minutes have passed and by that time, the number of pieces already may have reached 35 or more. If this happens, then we will remove the repair job from the queue because it is no longer needed.
  • Fix smtp sender