Verify database

My NAS rebooted four (4) times yesterday for unknown reasons. It has been running stable for a year. I’m a bit worried that my sqlite db might be corrupted. Is there a good way to verify that?

Could I run a pragma integrity_check on the db?

Running Windows, latest build of Storj

Just making sure, this is a NAS running Windows? Are you using the GUI setup?

I think the risk of db corruption is mostly when using docker installs on windows or macos, because they use virtual network setups and network shares for mounts. If you’re running the GUI version corruption is much less likely to happen to begin with. You can definitely stop the node and run pragma integrity_check on the different db’s to proactively check for issues though.

Your node’s log should show if a db file is corrupted. It might look like “orders.db: database disk is malformed”

Yea I think you are right. My database sits on NTFS and, despite what every NIX nerd tells it’s quite solid.