Version 1.107.3

Guys, is v1.107.3 rolled out to all Windows nodes?
I have 2 Windows nodes, same config.yaml, one on v105 and the other one on 107.
Filewalker is working on 107 but not on 105.
When can I expect it to be rolled out?

There is usually no timeline, they are rolled out in phases.

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Yes, I’m aware of that, hence my question: is the roll out finished all windows nodes?

calm down, currently 1.105.x just been rolled out, or just started i saw on some of my nodes. Long way till 1.107.x (probbably 2-5 weeks if i had to bet)

There is no rollout distinction between windows and linux nodes.

It will be “finished” when v1.107.3 becomes the minimum version.


You can come to Storj Github, the latest release version is also is the final version where all nodes have been rolled out. I’m not sure about this, but in theory it should be like that.

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My node was updated to 1.105, 2 days ago… :sweat_smile:


No, rollout is still in progress. You can check the progress at (Look for cursor, whenever this value reaches all F’s, rollout is complete, before that, it steps through the HEX values up to all F’s).

Rollouts do not seem to have a clear pattern, but an educated guess is that it might complete late next week. It could very well take longer than that though.


I haven’t finished drinking my bottle of champagne (paid for using storj pay outs!) to celebrate the 1.105 update. I can’t afford my node being upgraded to 1.107 now. Let’s give it time!