Very high IOPS by Storj for last few days

I’m running StorJ via Docker on my Synology DS412+ (2GB RAM) with 3x8TB HDDs (RAID5).

I know, StorJ doesn’t need RAID - I’m using it because I had few free TBs on it.

I noticed, that for last few days, IOPS by StorJ got very high - it significantly affects performance of the storage.
Does anyone else noticed it?
Do you think it’s temporary? Or is it start of production traffic?

I’m thinking of moving StorJ to dedicated drive. Hopefully, it will solve the issue of affecting performance of other apps using Synology storage.

========== DOWNLOAD ==========
Successful:           1010
Failed:               136
Success Rate:         88.133%
========== UPLOAD ============
Successful:           4461
Rejected:             409
Failed:               11104
Acceptance Rate:      91.602%
Success Rate:         28.661%

My storage2.max-concurrent-requests is set to 7

If I’m reading the graphs correctly, and I might not, this does not seems to be high at all.
Your node stats seems a bit strange however.

Might be the housekeeping (deleting of old files from stefan’s node) that could be causing the high disk IOPS, How is the disk usage? is it going down or up?