Very little traffic

Hello, I have been an operator for a month now, but for some reason information is loaded very little on my disk. What can be wrong? I installed Storage Node on windows. That does not interfere with work, the channel is free. If possible, answer in Russian.

Nothing, my latest node doesn’t have much more data either. Not many tests at the moment and apparently not many developer traffic yet either.

In addition to that new nodes need to be vetted, until they are they receive less data than normally. Give it a bit longer, traffic on your node will go up.

You can check your state:

We have reduced our tests to make a window for our customers. We are in the Beta now, so we invites customers and developers from the Tardigrade wait-list.
Please, keep your node online!

Вы можете проверить вашу статистику по первой ссылке, есть ещё скрипт для bash:

И скрипт для PowerShell:

Мы сократили количество наших тестов, чтобы дать возможность протестировать нашу сеть на полной скорости нашим клиентам - разработчикам и клиентам из списка ожидания Tardigrade.
Если всё в порядке с вашей нодой - пожалуйста, держите её онлайн!