Very low profit

Hi, i have 2 nodes with 2 months. 800 gb everyone.
The 2 nodes are 100% and generate something like 0.10$ every day.
Is this going to continue or is it going to increase?
Is for stop the nodes and don’t lose my time.

You can refer to this thread which brought up the same question.

If your expectations were based on the official storj calculator then I’m sorry but it’s completely wrong.
I don’t know why they still haven’t changed it because it’s clearly misleading…

this is a way more realistic earnings calculator even if your node will fill up faster than what it says (which is good !).

I don’t know why they have that calculator.
Thanks for the 2. aba85173ac374c710e5725a9eccbf092

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To attract potential SNOs?

Well it’s kind of counter productive, hopefully people start by sharing disk space they already have but if it’s someone who invested in some hardware hoping for a quick ROI they can be pretty pissed off when they realize that they’ll earn much less than expected. That’s bad advertisement for Storj.
If you start with hardware you already have then you start reading this forum and quickly realize that earnings are much lower that what they expected.

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Storj has always made clear not to invest in hardware. This tells a lot about the accuracy of the calculator.

they can say all they want but when people see the astronomical earnings predicted by the calculator I bet you they won’t have a problem buying some hardware


Yeah, the calculator got me too.
When I saw the numbers my eyes opened wide :open_mouth:
Then I ran some equasions on how much MB/s read would my drives have to have to accomodate that output… and i smiled … alot… with my 300Mbit oupstream I would be generating like 97TB of data per month that was craaaaaaaaaazy! 97x$20 !!! pure profit lolZ
Then I checked that the best drives for servers are rated around 180+ TB of reading /year WHAT? ONLY 180TB per year? But it will take me 2 months to wear them down LOLZ!

So it raised some red flags…
But I liked the idea of decentralized storage so I dipped a toe and spun one node…
And after few days I had some first dissapointments…
And as usual the real life was reality check
for now my computations say that to gain some profits in this you have to have some serious TB of storage (like in xxTB not some GB… and a lot of time (5+months) to fill it up because of the downstream cap per IP.
Well… we are still in testing phase, where lots of traffic is only spoof data… to keep the nodes working.

I really hope that this project can grow…
I love the idea of shared storage where on one hand there is a need for storage and on the other hand there is a need to fill the storage.
The idea is fantastic, though, the calculator is harming the community and I am not sure if current bandwith around the world can support the idea.


Actual server-grade drives are rated for 500+ TB/year.
Consumer drives are indeed often well below 300TB/year and are also rarely rated for 24/7 operation.
Even so, it only gives a general idea of what the drive is made for. A mid-range drive may still hold up for 10 years… or die miserably in 2, depending on use case, and sheer luck.

Yes, my mistake … server server stuff… I shouldn’t use “best” in my message :sweat_smile:
Clarification : I was just looking for NAS drives as a 24/7 operation (IronWolf, not even pro version)