Vetted node getting slow traffic

I started a node on Jan 1st, looking at statistic it now vetted

but the traffic is still extremely small anything I can do?

Yes. Keep it online 24/7 & don’t fail audits. If your node gets suspended try to fix that issue asap.

I am in the UK and seeing the same as you. I started 24th December 2020.

That what I’m doing, as you can see in the graph, but the egress dropped after I was vetted. Looks weird.

Yes seeing the egress dropping after you’re vetted doesn’t make any senses.

Actually it’s logical:

My Egress upload is averaging 700-800MB a day, which is fine

but my Ingress download has dropped from 12GB to 2GB for last 2 days and today looks the same

Obviously we need ingress to produce more egress :slight_smile:

I have checked the log and all looks ok and nothing logged on firewall either.