Video Streaming via Storj - 403 Forbidden Error

I am experiencing an issue while trying to stream video content via the Storj Gateway. When I attempt to access the M3U8 file using a web browser, it prompts me to download the file, which suggests that the URL should be accessible. However, when I use the same URL in my Flutter app with the video_player/chewie plugin, it returns a “403 Forbidden” error.
I’ve confirmed that the M3U8 file and the pre-signed URL are accessible because they work as expected in web browser.

Hello @arais,
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You have two general options how to publicly share an object:

  1. Use a Linksharing service: Explaining the Linksharing Service - Storj Docs.
  2. Use a Storj-hosted S3-compatible Gateway with presigned URLs (python example), you may also use AWS SDK: AWS SDK Nodejs - Storj Docs, see also Sample NodeJS and React code using presigned urls and AWS SDK V3