Visually separate the current day in dashboard traffic overview

Since the traffic graphs are always displayed descending towards the end, some users might get confused/worried something went downhill just today.

Put some dotted vertical lines at the X value of the current day in the graph to show that this part of the graph shows uncalculated values:

Don’t disrespect my paint skillz or node traffic :upside_down_face:


Actually, I believe that smoothing this graph is the wrong way to present this data. It should be a simple bar chart—it would be much easier to read out daily transfers. It would be less shiny, but more usable. And this issue wouldn’t matter then either.


I second that. But even then, the current day bar would have to be somewhat distinctive since it’s only preliminary

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Add the idea here: :+1:

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Someone already did that :wink:

Thank you