VM and multiple available IP addresses

Hi guys,
I’m following the forum, also a “serious” SNO since january 2020. So far, so good, amazingly I never had the problems listed by you, guys, although I am only running Win10 nodes without Docker. But this ain’t the point here. Having access to a Xeon server (after being thrown out from my company) with 32GB RAM and sufficient HDD slots, I am curious about your opinion on:

  1. Running an OS as “master”, and installing a VM for each HDD in the system
  2. Assigning one real IP to 2 nodes, is it worth it?
  3. Related to question 2, all available addresses are on the same /24 subnet. Isn’t it the same as using only one address?

I have opted for an eventual VM solution; given that the drives are not new, I have a chance of “catching” a failing one and only copy the VM files. Of course, RAID would be ideal, but I’m kind of scratching my head now, losing space for node or redundancy. I have 6 pcs of 4TB drives, what would you do? Also, available 6 IP addresses, on the same /24 subnet. Don’t know what would be the best.


If you set up nodes on the same /24 subnet, completely pointless. You can just set up one and it will be as efficient as if you set up 6. If they are on /24 subnets than go for it. Though make sure you aren’t breaking TOS.

You could set up one node and think about it for 6 months while it sits there burning electric.
I mean, get a node going while you think about it