VPN: Previously ONLINE node marked as OFFLINE - workaround

I just wanted to share some information about a workaround I have for a particular scenario:

I am using the VPN setup for my node, using Private Internet Access provider. Everything worked fine until recently, when I updated the PIA client. Without noticing, PIA had updated the port, so even though my DDNS was set up using NOIP, it now had the wrong port and my node went offline.

In order to fix this, I checked the new port in PIA, and updated my STORJ config.yaml in these entries to reflect the new port number:


Then, I updated my firewall with the updated port number as well. Port checker shows port as open.

But, when I restarted my node it was still offline. The fix was this:

  1. Stop node
  2. Put my actual public IP from PIA in contact.external-address:, save.
  3. Restart node; node is now Online.
  4. Stop node.
  5. Put back my DDNS in contact.external-address:, save.
  6. Restart node; node is now Online.

I have tested this a few times, and the same workaround works each time. I don’t quite understand what is going on, but I suspect my node is actually online after updating config and firewall with the new port, but a bug is showing it as offline.

I have not tested to see if data comes through when it shows as offline though, I guess that would confirm whether it’s actually online but showing wrong status.

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Thank you for your share :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing. Interesting glitch. I’m considering trying setup a node on pia