Vue File Manager - Professional Self-Hosted Storage Cloud Platform supports Storj DCS as storage backend

This looks like an interesting application for service and hosting providers to offer easy file storing like Dropbox on Storj DCS. Spread the word. :partying_face:

@bre: Maybe Storj can help to boost sales, by offering coupons or something for buyers of this software? Every customer of them is a potential customer for Storj DCS.

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Wow, this is very good, I’ve always wondered why the current DCS isn’t self-hosted, this solves the problem.

I am of the opinion that it should be provided free of charge by storj (maybe not this, but an official self hosted web client).
Meanwhile, I’m glad there is an alternative solution.

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Yes I think something like this is really interesting. I am thinking of the many small and medium sized server and hosting providers who could offer Dropbox like cloud storage to their customers running on Storj DCS as backend like Mydatabox | Store your files here does it.

Storj could negotiate a volume license and offer such a solution for their business paying customers maybe or host something like that on their own. Or at least link to them or whatever…

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Very cool!
Thank you :slight_smile: Passing it on internally.

As long as they are using the S3 endpoints, its not really much of a big integration and wonderful integration, rather than yet another Dropbox S3 compatible UI :smiley:
If they would actually start writing it using libuplink (and its bindings for several programming languages) it would become very interesting :wink:
Otherwise you’ll still trust Server Side Encryption, passing the data to datacenters instead of directly to nodes and thus rely on them (the DC/Gateway) distributing the data optimally for you.


What I see is that they use the Laravel Framework with the S3 integration that comes with it:
File System Introduction
File Storage

So maybe doing an Uplink integration into Laravel may be beyond what is feasible for a single developer.
However maybe that is something that Storj could provide to the Laravel developer community which would also mean to promote Storj DCS to many more developers.

I don’t know what would be required, maybe video tutorials how to do it would be enough. They could be offered to their Screencast website:

Laravel is a php. See GitHub - storj-thirdparty/uplink-php: Uplink library bindings for PHP

That sounds even better.
Maybe this could be easily integrated into the Laravel framework then to make it available for the thousands of developers they have.