Wallet Warning... Jaxx

Hi All, Just wanted to send out a warning about JAXX wallet.

I have been using Jaxx for some years to stor my Ether and Storj tokens. I recently got a Crypto card and wanted to move my Ether and Storj takens from Jaxx wallet to my Crypto card.

So during this process my Tokens got “stuck” in a pending status in the Jaxx wallet. (This transaction cost me $16 in gas and i thought this was expensive but I am quite new to moving tokens and eth about and thought it was normal) I read on thier support page that if your transaction is in a “Pending” status to leave it as the network may be busy and it will go through.

I waited some 22 days before trying to resolve this issues and read i needed to restore my wallet using the pass word phrases used when making my wallet… I did this and my storj taken was back in my wallet. I then tryed the transation again and again I was charged about $16 in gas for the transation and again my storj was stuck in a pending state.

I then loaded Jaxx onto my PC using chrome addon and on my phone the transation was in a pending state but on my PC i could see the storj tokens… So i thought instead of moving the storj token to transfer it into eth first then move it to Crypto wallet… and again some $16 transation fee and my status again was in pending…

SO now i am panicing… as I cannot get my taken. So went onto Twitter and contacted jaxx support where a bot replyed to me with an email address for support. I sent and email to Jaxx explaing the situation and they replyed with a generic support email (have you tried xyz) and again the suggestion was to wait as they know there is an issues with the software and that the solution is to wait.

I then waited another few days (33 days all in all) and still everything is pending and I am down some $48 in gas fees.

I then started to investigate and I read somewhere that you can restore your wallet using the same pass phrases given to you during setup on “MetaMask wallet” and so I did.

I then saw that my storj tokens were in my wallet and that I attempted to move the tokens again.

This worked! In 5 min and $1 in gas fees my storj had been moved to my crypto wallet (happy days panic over!)

I then contacted support again requesting that they refund my gas and they just sent me a email with a link to the T&C stating they take no responsibility for failed transactions. I relied that its not my fault that the transaction didn’t go through but that the wallet software is “broken”

I continued to dig about the Jaxx wallet and found a few things that is suspicious about the wallet…

  1. They seem to over charge compared to Matamask.
  2. they will take no responsibility for the broken software.
  3. There are several versions of the software listed in the google play store (I counted 6 all by different companies)
  4. the google chrome add on has been removed when I checked last.

Please this is just a warning of my experience with the Jaxx wallet and its up to you if you want to use them… but I personally would stay clear and use MetaMask wallet instead as it seems to work perfectly with reasonable fees and if you do use Jaxx your passphrase will work with metamask.

Hope this helps people
Long time storj user
Simon Brownridge