Wanting to use Storj for video storage

my client is looking for way to store security video footage for upto period of 30 days Looking at ± 60TB storage. Is Storj suitable for this application and what would the approximate cost per month be?
thank you

The base price is $4/TB/month - so the simple math is 60TB x $4 = $240/month. But given that they may have some download fees too… maybe guess $300/month to start with?

We have other customers with similar use cases, I believe it would be a good fit. Please could you ask your client to contact our sales team to discuss their requirements and pricing with our solutions engineers?

You can find general pricing info here. To learn how usage charges are calculated, please consult our documentation.

They would receive a 30 day free trial upon signup for testing purposes, but if they need to have 60TB stored immediately, they would need to add a payment method and the solutions engineer they contact will be happy to raise their account limits as needed.


thank for your reply, i will be doing the work for them and i already have a account that i see i can store upto 25TB, i will do some testing myside and when ready get them signup


thank you for your reply much appreciated

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