Watchtower status overview

Hi team,

how can I see if watchtower is working correct?
Is there any way to see a status, what has been update and so on?


Hi, you can look into the documentation and configure notification. After it, you will receive something like it:

Found new storjlabs/storagenode:latest image (sha256:03ced45de7a2ac4bc66b892c8611f60c26020004c9dd64746a167795f0b129e7)
Stopping /storagenode (c1f23a7c9982be3d32b61497a91a5684f5998e6270b63df6ee532a8f84f6cc86) with SIGTERM
Creating /storagenode
Removing image sha256:bb347b79869d3c3e975ed61b6b535e0f076f8ecc5e85a7d9938367144aa3960c