We <3 Node Operators

Hey all - @jocelyn here. I just made a longread introductory post in the Devs category to welcome in the new people arriving on our marketing push, who wont already know a lot about what Storj does. I dont want the SNOs to feel left out, but Im also feeling a tiny but of capral tunnel haha. So please consider yourselves equally cherished! We know that you are the backbone of everything we do! :smiley:


Love you too and so do my extra chars to make 20


Save your wrists. :wink: While those long posts can be nice, what’s much more important is that you already show this with the every day work the community team is doing and by being an advocate for the SNO community internally at Storj Labs.

Keep it up and hang in there! (I have a feeling things may get a little bumpy soon)


Well i havnt been as active as in the beginning in this forum so this comment made me feel that its something that i havnt picked up on.

Can you explain or is it just a personal feeling?

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Oh that was just referring to the transaction fees and the things Storj Labs is kind of forced to do to deal with those. Including changing the defaults to zkSync. There will be negativity as a result and I’m very aware that the community team is going to catch all of that while not being the ones who make those decisions. There are other topics to discuss the specifics of that though. Here I would just like to thank them for their work. :hugs:

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Thank you for always working so hard to keep us happy, @jocelyn
I know we can a bit a bit needy and vocal at times (there’s a “mea culpa” here) but you are unfailingly calm and polite and understanding and we really do appreciate everything that goes on behind the scenes.
I look forward to being a part of this adventure for a long time to come :slight_smile:


I hear you. Read about the fees. As you Said lets Keep it in the other threads.

Cheers to storjlabs devs and everybody Making this work


Well that’s a pleasant thread! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometimes it’s important to remember all the work, positivity and good things StorjLabs do, despite all the difficulties they’re facing.

Kudos to the team :innocent:


What does that mean? Do I have to take any action if I want to continue to get paid the old ERC20 L1 way?

This might be outdated now. We’ve since gotten this response.


Good to see they are taking on board feedback (as always) I’m personally happy to wait and receive my payments when they reach the threshold. Hopefully the ETH transaction fees issues will be a distant memory this time next year.