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Welcome to the forum @Joel !

Does your software need to be HIPAA compliant ? Also the website for Owcsc shown in above link shows Error 404. When homepage shows 404 it does not create a good impression.

I will tag the right people that can help you answer those questions better.

@bre @Knowledge @heunland


We have a documentation with walkthrows on our GitHub wiki: Home · storj/storj Wiki · GitHub
There are also bindings for popular languages: Storj Client Libraries - Storj DCS Docs

We use Golang in our code, so the latest version of our software would be for GO, third-party bindings Storj - Third Party · GitHub could be outdated, but should work too.


Could we split the topics please, as what @Joel posted has nothing to do with my suggestion to Storj to register with the European Open Science Cloud and offer Storj DCS as storage solution on their marketplace.