Web-Dashboard not showing returned held amount [bug report]

My node now got the data from the July payout and when checking it, I was a bit surprised that “it didn’t calculate correctly”:

Download $13.97
+ Repair+A $1.91
+ DiskUsea $6.48
= $22.36
-  $8.65 Held Amount
= $13.71

So Dashboard shows a Total of $16.42 although the calculation would suggest that $13.71 would be the correct payout total.

What happened? My node got $2.72 from the Held Amount from us-central-1 back but that doesn’t show up in the Dasboard anywhere so you’re left wondering where the difference originates from.

I found out using earnings.py:

Also reported on github: Web-Dashboard not showing returned held amount · Issue #3925 · storj/storj · GitHub


Hi, @kevink!
In the nearest future, there will be the ability to see disposed held amount values both in the payout information and held history tables.
Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day.