WEB dashboard - Single Screen


I’ve noticed that while monitoring ±10 nodes I’ve spending a lot of time clicking on the each satellite info. 10 nodes x 4 satellites = 40 clicks + 80 drags, when viewing on smaller screen :expressionless:

Even if the information screen would be very long, i would prefer to scroll over the single screen, instead of clicking and then dragging the window, and then dragging window back, then click, drag, drag, click, drag, click, click, drag, click… :smiley: It’s so uncomortable, that I’m doing it on very rare occasions, but would very nice to have it by hand on the same screen as dashboard’s I’ve monitoring quite often :slight_smile:

Thank you

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What parameters do you check all the time?

@Vadim, i check everything with the Zabbix. But uptime checks/audit checks/bandwidth and some other parameters are not, visible in Zabbix :expressionless:

check my tool, work on windows, but if your node is on local network you can use it, just share dashboard to your local network. show all this you wanted. There is also source code, can compil you version as console, then can run on linux also.

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Vadim hello, thank you for information.
What about possibility to see state of the all nodes (not in the same lan) in the single screen? :slight_smile:

vpn? i use open vpn, then i have access to all my nodes.

You can do that with https://forum.storj.io/t/prometheus-storj-exporter