Web Dashboard specify disk space used 273.19GB*h while 9.3GB used disk


I would like to understand the web dashboard displaying me 273.19GB*h while i have only 9.3GB used on disk and 15,1GB bandwidth consummed.

Is here a mismatch ?


Nope, all is OK. 273 GBh is your gigabytes on disk * time it on the disk.
If you have 1GB on disk 1 day you will have 24 GB
h as it was 1GB for 24 howers on disk.

Ok Thank you Vadim :wink: perfect !!!

This seems to be another useless GUI graph. Or is there any underlying payout formula that takes that into consideration?

fot every TB*Month you get 1,5$

Every TB per month, TBh/720h is paid $1.5

I was wondering what the exact calculation was, because not all months have exactly 720h. In my calculator I assumed it’s still calculated per month, so a slightly different payout per hour in different months. But I’d like to get it exactly right if that’s not how it’s calculated.