Web dashboard stat reset at the beginning of the month

Today I have seen that my node has restarted, and I would like to know if it is normal at the beginning of the month. I have been in sto

rj for a short time and I would like to know if it is normal?

This is normal.

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No it’s not normal, but it’s normal, in fact required for ever new release. If you use your eyes you see you are on 1.5.2 - thats a new release.

all software needs to be restarted after a update, its like your computer, after a update you might need to reboot it…

It is the version that I have for 3 days. What I have done is stop the service, restart the node and hit start again.

New month= new month on the dashboard… New diskspace and bandwith used… It is normal every month

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Op asked for restarted node, not the fact that we are in June

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