Web page cannot show the full detail

Hi, the node web page cannot to show the information.
but in the node used the command (docker exec -it storagenode /app/dashboard.sh) can show the Egress & Ingress.

Please help~ thanks.


Which browser are you using?

the browser is Chrome and other node can show detail normally on chrome.
Just this node have this problem.

if you are using docker then do a docker rm storagenodeX

by that i mean docker shutdown storagenodeX and then docker rm

and then pull the image again… and launch by the run command… most likely some either typo or a bit flip or something…

maybe a full reboot… tho i doubt that will fix anything in this case… but the node might have some kind of minor error.

i think something like this happened to me when i did do a docker rm, when pulling and update…
or maybe it was when i updated and the webdash got weird… so i just redid the thing and it ran fine… must have had some error creep in somewhere…

anyways i suggest this because it would be the simplest fix… so not much hurt in trying it.
good luck

Please, check your databases on this node: