Web UI taking 5-10 Minutes to Load

Hi, I’ve been a node operator for a few years now and have ~8.5TB. I check my node fairly often and all of the sudden the local web interface started taking 5-10 minutes to load. No changes other than v1.73.4 was JUST installed (20 hours earlier). It’s currently at v1.76.2 but it is still taking just as long to load.

Has anyone else had these issues or does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve researched a bit and come up empty handed. Nothing in the logs. Memory and CPU are both in good ranges. This is on a windows install.

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I think the topic is being addressed here

I would recommend to check your databases first:

does the circle going round or the data popping up late?

Circle going around. Going to try the database fix but I’m not getting any errors. I did move my DB to my OS SSD and didn’t get any improvement.

No errors about malformed database and no errors when I ran the integrity check.

This is good. Please search for errors in your logs when the circle is rotating. You need errors unrelated to GET/PUT/GET_AUDIT/GET_REPAIR/PUT_REPAIR (PowerShell):

Get-Content "c:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" | sls error | sls -NotMatch "GET|PUT" | select -last 20

how big is your storagenode.txt?

It should be storagenode.log, not txt :slight_smile:

My bad. Windows tricked me.

Von meinem/meiner Galaxy gesendet

Your Galaxy? Cool :smiley: (I want to have one too… far away from here… where people sometimes so mad…)
I suppose the Samsung Galaxy phone, but sounds cool anyway!

ceep cool, fear of loosing a node is strong with sno who only have one. (me included)

as father of 2 (3j boy 6m girl) free time is pretty rare. so sometimes its the (S10) mobile.

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