WEBINAR - March 24, 2020: Managing Risk in Decentralized Networks with Time Series


Title: Managing Risk in Decentralized Networks with Time Series
Date/Time: 2020-03-24T16:00:00Z
Duration: 60 Minutes


A distributed network is key to providing storage at lower costs than other cloud providers. By equipping customers with fast, secure and fully distributed storage, users no longer need to manage infrastructure. This platform enables applications to store and share end-to-end encrypted data across a distributed network. Discover how a time series database is a key component to their service.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, John Gleeson and Ben Sirb will dive into:

  • The definition of a cloud object storage network
  • The advantages of using open source software in a modern tech stack
  • How high-volume, real-time telemetry data is used to inform key business decisions
  • A forecast predicting the impact of node churn on object health

John Gleeson , VP of Operations- Storj Labs International, SEZC
Benjamin Sirb PhD , Sr. Data Scientist - Storj Labs International, SEZC

Hosted by:
Stephanie Glen , Editorial Director - Data Science Central



Dont forget to register for tomorrow’s webinar!

The direct sign up link is here - the time of the webinar is 9:00 am PDT which is 4:00 PM GMT

Will this be a repeat of the previous presentation or is it a new one? The topic seems very similar.

There will be slight differences (I believe this one is longer) but its similar content, with the same speakers. thanks for asking!

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Webinar is starting in 18 minutes :slight_smile: We are doing the soundchecks now

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Video is up! thank you to Data Science Central and to our fabulous partner, Influx DB!!