Webinar: Trust the Data Science Part 2

Trust the Data Science Part 2

Let's Talk Storj DCS Webinar

April 26 at 12PM ET

We’re updating our most popular webinar to take a deeper dive into what’s ‘behind the scenes’ in terms of the data science and machine learning that delivers all the privacy, durability, and resiliency benefits of decentralized cloud storage.

Storj Product Management Director, Brandon Iglesias, and Storj Systems Engineer, Dominick Marino, will discuss how global distribution, automation, and extreme parallelism reduce the complexities of cloud storage while keeping your data secure, private, sovereign, 99.95% available and 11 9s durable through a decentralized and distributed network of 13,500+ Storage Nodes. It’s the perfect storage model for building and optimizing traditional, cloud native and Web3 apps.

We’ll take a deeper dive into our:
• Defense-in-depth security strategy
• Default multi-region, on-demand availability
• Geo-fencing and how you can keep your data in - our out of - regions or countries
• Extreme parallelism and edge-based performance
• Redundancy, audit, repair, reputation, and the sheer scale at which it operates

The conversation will be a bit technical, but casual. We love answering your questions, so don’t be shy, and ask away.

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Is Geo-fencing in full production already?

Frankly, I haven’t seen any explicit confirmation that it was already implemented, and not just in planning stages either. So, I guess, good to know?