Weird behavior observed.... or maybe there's a reason?

heya guys, was running my storage node, CLI on dockers on windows, for a while now… all was good, watchtower ensuring the node is updated and all… so i haven’t been actively monitoring the node, maybe once a week at most?

so today i saw there were hdd activity, thought there may be a flux of ingress traffic and wanted to see if my ingress actually went up (by the way, it hasn’t been really moving much since the initial load testing, about 100GB ingress a month, but i gather thats because i’m too far away from the uploaders)

however, when i took a look at the node, i saw that it was the last known latest version, v25.1 since early of the month… but status is now offline, after being online for 160+ hours… i restarted dockers, removed the container, and ran the docker run command again… and its online again.

so a few questions i like to ask…

  1. any idea what might have caused it?.. since i restarted, i don’t think i have any docker logs to look at anymore… and delaying the restart would only mean i will lose further audits…

  2. and that leads to more audit question… as i said earlier, it was up and running for 160+ hours since the latest update, and it went offline some when… but when did it go offline?.. how long was it offline?.. is it still plausible to run the node as is?.. since my understanding is that we are only give maximum 5 hours of downtime a month…
    what decides if i should keep my node running or ditch it?

Its a drawback of using docker which requires a restart after few hours. You can opt for GUI version for Windows which is docker-less.

This is why it is better to redirect logs to a file

Use service like which notifies you with an email when your node goes offline

A score of < 0.6 disqualifies you on a satellite but you can still get traffic from other satellite.

hey thanks for the reply!

Mm noted, maybe i will swop over

oh… are we allowed to do see the score we have on satellite already?

I was thinking if it made sense to add a ticker for how long the node has been in offline status…?


NO need for a ticket. Uptimerobot can tell you how many hours your node was down. It gives various other stats too.

If you would port map the 14002 port, you can see a GUI dashboard in your browser
You can read more there: Storage Node Dashboard CLI - Storj Docs

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The disqualification for downtime is currently disabled, so bring your node online as soon as possible and it should recover the loosen reputation during the uptime.