Weird email from storj about unsuspended

Your Node has been Unsuspended

Node IDs: 12YosEoMdrAzHrZb3xe2dUL3rTy9PTRTfs6vEF76k47xCzAdoKf

I think that is a bug

Why is it a bug ? Was your node not suspended ?

Unlikely. More like your node were suspended, but perhaps it’s recovered very fast from that.
Or, your node is now have an online score greater than 60%.
In case of suspension score I would suggest to search for errors related to audit and repair (GET_AUDIT/GET_REPAIR) in your logs.

Because it isn’t plugged in


This is great!
Are you sure, that you didn’t re-use the same identity?

P.S. By the way, what’s on the left side? Looks like some kind of the access point.

Just a broadband hub

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