Weird Issue Coping Identity command line from storj website. (On Chrome)

Well I made a video, so its easier to understand.

But just doing double click on powershell command line to download identity generator tool and coping it, will also copy the linux and mac command line. I was missing my morning coffee and the process failed, it took me some time to figure it out that It was adding linux code :smiley:

This happens with latest chrome. Works fine in firefox. I tested in several installations of chrome, even a fresh installation without any addon.

Video: (is not public, just can be found by link)

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There is a copy button on the right hand side of those boxes, but it’s nearly invisible because the text goes through them and the copy button is semi transparant.

Funny enough there is a demo video from storj showing how to set up the node where a presenter had tons of trouble copying the command as well. He too didn’t see the copy button.

I have placed a ticket for this issue. Thanks for letting us know!


Will my name appear in credits now? hahaha

Thanks Dylan! :slight_smile:

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around 16:50, in case timecode isn’t working

Thats even funny :smiley: