Welcome to Tardigarde, your wait is over

I have received an e-mail like in a subject of these thread and I don’t know if something had changed/something new has been released. There is no new announcement.

Or it has something to do with waiting list? I know I had early access dev invitation in a past so is it just duplicate?

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got the same today…

This should be your invite email. You should be able to sign up for a Tardigrade account by clicking on the “Create an account” button, if you have not done so already. If you already signed up, perhaps you did so with a different email address? It is possible that for some reason or another, our customer database did not detect that you already have made an account. You can ignore the email if you already have an active account.

The problem is, this is a pattern with STORJ emails. You get emails that are (no longer) relevant to you or duplicates, while I don’t get emails that I should get but everyone else seems to get them.
Something about the STORJ emailing system is still broken.
It’ll hopefully not affect real customers because it is not a sign of a professionally run service if you receive duplicates or “wrong” emails (no longer relevant, e.g. signup mail although already signed up).


Hi @kevink Im sorry about the frustration with emails youre receiving. I know that most of us are trying to reduce inbox clutter. I dont know if the system is broken so much as miscalibrated. We do have someone who works on coordinating how the messages go out, and I know form conversations that its more complicated than I would expect. We’ll keep trying to work out the kinks so this problem can go away in the future.
I am also wondering about the emails you did not get. I want to be sure that youre seeng as much info as you intended.
If youd like to email me with the subject line & dates of the emails you have received, I can ask that any missing ones be forwarded to you .
thanks for letting us know about the problem

Hi Jocelyn, I am actually not bothered by the emails I receive (or not receive). I can live with duplicates or not receiving emails about my node being offline or not updated (although everyone else seems to get those). I seem to get all informational emails and even if I have missed some (idk) I get all the information from the forum anyway.

I am actually only concerned about tardigrade customers. If e.g. they receive emails asking them to sign up after they have already signed up, it’s not good.
Good to know you have someone working on the emailing system.

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I know what you mean, and appreciate it. Thanks! glad also that youre ableto get what you need rom the forum too :slight_smile:

These would be sent to the email address you used in the run command. You could double check that one.
But from what I’ve seen your node needs to be offline for at least 4 hours before you get that one. I’ve never received that one either, but my longest down time this year has been 33 minutes. (Had to switch ISP modems and my ISP wanted me to bring the old modem to a pickup point to bring home the new one. Not a fan of that approach)
I did get the update notification, which was probably sent out a little early. I wonder if the 72 hours limit in that one is even necessary anymore, since the minimum version is usually quite a few versions behind. Right now we’re still allowed to run on 0.30.0. I’d say wait until automatic updates would have gone out to everybody before sending the first email. Then give people a week and send a new reminder if it’s still not updated after a week.

I have received the “Welcome to Tardigrade” email as well though, while already having registered my account and used it as well. I’ve been using that for a while, so I’m not sure what happened there. I double checked that it was sent to the same email I received my previous invite on and registered with as well.

I checked that in a different thread with Alexey, my nodes are set up correctly. Still I didn’t even receive an email when I had to take my 2nd node offline due to USB enclosure problems. Also no update notifications for any of the 3 nodes.

This was mentioned in a different thread too and the concern got forwarded to the marketing team: Stuck on 0.33.4?

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