What about MSP360

what do you think about intigration into this service? (or similar)

This could bring alot of Traffic in the Storj-Ecosystem

This should already work as StorJ is s3 compatible:

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Maybe Storj should get in touch with them to feature Storj as trustfull

Thanks, we can look into it. My experience with reaching out to companies to get Stoj integrated with their products typically comes down to them wanting money, or some kind of news announcement with a dedicated customer impact. It can be complicated when you start down that road because of agreements you want to reach and how you handle service when there are issues, or changes.

It tends to be better to have customers ask the company for things, because they usually want to please their customers. But every company is different and sometimes things aren’t that complicated. No harm in asking. But just in my experience, 9 out of 10 want to get paid to provide any kind of integration or support.


Check out Comet Backup. They integrate with Filebase which uses Storj.

We would love to have more backup software work well with all object storage. Today MSP360 works, but their block sizes are 10MB (for object backup) and below and thus result in a lot of segments on the network. In the future we like other object storage providers may need to charge for excessive segments as we have to record that metadata.

Our network block size is 64MB, thus a 64MB file is one segment. However let’s say you use Veeam to backup the same file with a 1MB block size, well now we have 64x more metadata to store.

Whats the solution? Backup software providers need to support larger block sizes, in this case 64MB. Our current favorite is Ahsay which supports 32MB block sizes today and soon to be 64MB.


My favorite is duplicati. It supports any block size and is open source.

Any plans to work with Proxmox and their Backup server product?

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I used Duplicati briefly and hated it.